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HYPERGROWTH: How the Customer-Driven Model Is Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Build Products, Teams, & Brands

By David Cancel
CEO, Drift

Are you communicating with your customers on a regular basis? Do you know how to manage and prioritize customer feedback once you’ve gathered it? When it comes to building a great product, a great team, and a great brand, relying solely on the opinions of internal stakeholders will get you nowhere. The key to achieving HYPERGROWTH is being customer-driven. So if you’re ready to start putting your customers first, keep reading...

What You’ll Learn: A New Approach to Product Management and Developing SaaS Products People Love

Today, there’s no excuse for not communicating with customers on a daily basis. Messaging has exploded, new generations are focused on 1:1 communication by default, and artificial intelligence is finally coming so we can deliver 1:1 at scale. So why would you build a product, or a company, without leaning into the advantages of that ecosystem?

In his new book, HYPERGROWTH, serial entrepreneur and Drift co-founder/CEO David Cancel shares a modern approach for building products and structuring teams that makes customer communication a central priority. The book tells the story of how Cancel’s customer-driven approach started out as a test with a product team (Performable), transformed an entire organization (HubSpot), and sparked a new movement (Drift).

What’s Inside: Practical Advice and Frameworks for Becoming Customer-Driven and Growing Your Business

  • Responsive Development (RD): a new approach to building products that adds the customer back into the equation
  • The Burndown Framework: a framework for implementing Responsive Development that’s faster and more flexible than Agile.
  • The Three-Person Team: the customer-driven way to structure engineering teams. Each team consists of a tech lead who manages two other engineers.
  • Getting Rid of Roadmaps: through building a culture of transparency and accountability and working closely with internal customers, you can release product updates more rapidly and iteratively.
  • The Spotlight Framework: a framework for helping you focus on the right parts of customer feedback so you can take the appropriate next steps. The framework breaks feedback down into three main categories: user experience issues, product marketing issues, and positioning issues.

  • Who This Book Is For: Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Product Managers, Product Teams, Marketing Teams … Entire Companies!

    Every part of your business can benefit from being customer-driven. 

    With the rise of SaaS and the on-demand economy, customer expectations have changed.

    Customers expect their voices to be heard. They find value in being part of a community, and being part of that journey of creating the product. 

    So stop running your business like we’re still living in the 2000s. It’s time to take a customer-driven approach.

    Here’s what people are saying about the book:

    “David Cancel is one of the best when it comes to building products that customers love. And now he’s sharing his wisdom and writing the book explaining how he does it. This is a must read for any entrepreneur or business owner.”
    Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School, Former SVP of Sale and Services at HubSpot

    ”When it comes to building business software, there’s no one better than David Cancel, and I saw first-hand how his customer-driven approach to building products made an impact at HubSpot. I’m glad he’s finally putting all of his insight in one place.”
    CMO, Cybereason / Former CMO, HubSpot

    About the Author: David Cancel
    • 5x Founder / 2x CEO
    • CEO/Co-Founder, Drift
    • CPO, HubSpot
    • CEO/Co-Founder, Performable
    • Owner/Founder, Ghostery
    • CTO/Co-Founder, Compete
    • Investor/Advisor/Director to Various Companies and VC Funds
    Books, Business and Marketing

    Local Marketing Trends 2018

    2018 is well under way, and it’s imperative that businesses are thinking about marketing on a local level.


    You can expect to see some of the biggest brands working to perfect their local marketing strategies in order to stay ahead.
    Google and Facebook are starting to integrate hyperlocal features which make it easier than ever for businesses like yours, to interact with their customers.


    The use of customer reviews of your products/services is huge and it’s bound to keep growing in 2018. Your potential customers are busy doing their research and looking for authentic, honest reviews from customers.
    You can easily generate new reviews by encouraging your customers to share their feedback.


    We are also starting to see a change in the way that people are searching for local businesses in 2018. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets or devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home, there is a steady rise in voice searches over the last few years.

    Well, that’s it. We hope you enjoyed learning some of the trends that you can expect to see in 2018. 

    Whether you’re interacting with your customers on a Facebook Live video or looking to improve your content marketing, we challenge you to find new, creative ways to engage with your customers.

    For more information on how you can improve your digital marketing, contact Beverley below

    To summarize

    1. Bigger brands will start to integrate hyperlocal features to interact with their customers more easily

    2. Review marketing will continue to grow, so you need to encourage your customers to leave you feedback

    3. More people will start searching for local businesses using voice search


    3 Principles for Bootstrapping Success as an Entrepreneur

    There are many websites you could be visiting and many blogs you could be reading. So why spend your time here, on Beverley Hutton Marketing, instead of out there, where hypey content, distraction and funny cat gifs beckon?

    There are 3 good reasons to be here. We stand for 3 things, above all else. There are 3 things that, echo our personal values and shape how we serve our clients.

    The following video from Shane Melagh from ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes is about those 3 things.

    Here he outlines his own manifesto, which  explains the 3 Pillars we follow exactly.


    Website Design Framework

    When you hear the word Design -
    Do you think that means -
    How things Look -
    If so that is a Big Problem.

    Design is Not About Design

    A high converting website consists of high converting pages. As an business person, you need the ability to specify/design such high converting pages. But there's a problem with this word - "design".

    Most of us think of design to roughly mean "making things look awesome". A good designer is someone who can draw and create badass looking stuff in Photoshop, right?

    For the rest of this article from Thrive Themes Shane Melaugh follow this link:



    Social Media Image Sizes

    Doesn't it annoy you when you are setting up a new or updating one of your social media accounts and the cover or profile picture is the wrong size!

    Well you will never have to worry again with this easy "Cheat Sheet" showing the current recommended sizes for the most common sites.