The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web

By Mari Smith
CEO, Mari Smith International, Inc.

People have always done business with people they know, like, and trust. That’s the essence of “relationship marketing.”

Today, the popularity of online social networking has caused a paradigm shift in relationship marketing. This book helps both business people and marketers master this crucial new skill set.

Relationship marketing specialist Mari Smith outlines a step-by-step plan for building a sizable, loyal network comprised of quality relationships that garner leads, publicity, sales, and more.

If you want to improve your social media marketing… to better understand the new soft skills required for success on the social web… and to improve your own leadership and relationship skills through emotional and social intelligence: this book is for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to become a significant “center of influence” for your customers and prospects
  • The unspoken rules of online etiquette—and the common “turnoffs” that drive customers and potential partners away
  • The unique cultures of Facebook, Twitter, and other popular online platforms
  • Exactly what to automate and delegate to build your social media persona, yet still retain the personal touch

Even if you currently have zero presence online, this book will help you see measurable results in a short time.

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Membership Site Masters: An Inside Look Into Some Of The World’s Most Successful Membership Sites

By Stu McLaren
CEO, North Results

Backed by real-world experience, these membership site pros share their best tips, tricks, and ideas for building a successful and profitable membership site.

You’ll hear from:

The Prolific Veteran

What does it take to create a million-dollar membership site? Find out from this master who with over 10 years’ experience with up to 48 membership sites running simultaneously!

The Freebie Genie

Can you really get paid every month by giving the majority of your content away for FREE? The answer is YES! This membership site master shares his formula for blending both free and paid content en route to big success.

The Community Cultivator

This master is proof that you can build a very profitable membership site even when working within a tiny niche market. With over 4,500 paying members, this guru will show you how to create such a welcoming community that your members won’t ever want to leave.

The Tester

Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, this master marketer has built a million-dollar membership site by testing and tracking countless pricing and conversion strategies. You’ll discover his highest converting tricks along with tips for maintaining an above average retention rate.

Whether you’re a newbie to membership sites or a seasoned veteran, this book will provide you tremendous insights into what it takes to build a highly successful membership site.

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Self-Employed: 50 Signs That You Might Be An Entrepreneur

By Joel Comm and John Rampton
Joel Comm, Inc.

Are you an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are their own breed, unique individuals with very specific character traits and mindsets.

In Self Employed, Joel Comm and John Rampton detail 50 different qualities that personify those who could do well as entrepreneurs. These 50 qualities provide a framework for those already working or about to enter their careers so they can decide if they might make it in business on their own

Not sure if the entrepreneurial lifestyle is for you? Or do you want to double-check on yourself to see if the business you have already started is congruent with who you are? This book is for you!

Written by two successful entrepreneurs, this book will inspire you to follow your dreams and create your own entrepreneurial success.

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The Freedom Manifesto: How To Make A Million Dollars, Travel The World, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

By Ryan Moran

Are you tired of leading a life that you feel you have ZERO control over? Do you have a passion, but feel too bogged down by responsibilities to pursue it? Are you constantly worried about your financial security?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you have not been living the life you were meant to lead. 

In The Freedom Manifesto, Ryan Moran uncovers the secrets steps followed by a new community of people who play by a new set of rules. 

Learn exactly how these people have accomplished living a life of freedom and how you can do it, too. 

The Freedom Manifesto will give you the 5 Steps you must take to lead the life of your dreams and never have to worry about money again. 

Want to quit your job, start your own business, and work from home? You can. 

Learn how you can create passive online incomes, work from anywhere, work less, spend more time doing what you want to do, and start living life on your terms.

If you're tired of slaving away week after week and never enjoying the benefits of your hard work - this book is for you. 

It covers…

  • Defining yourself by the life that you live, not what you do for a living.
  • Creating the life that you want by DECIDING how you will spend your time.
  • Learning how to name and eliminate the unnecessary distractions that are holding you back.
  • Using your passions to create online businesses and expand your income by setting up online cash flow streams.
  • Managing your profits so you never have to worry about money again.
  • Living a life of abundance by giving back.
  • Finally, make the shift you've been wanting to make. Discover the steps that will help you make more money, work on your own terms, and finally be free to do the things you've been dreaming of doing. 

    Read it today!
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    The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

    By Daymond John
    Founder/CEO, FUBU
    Presidential Ambassador, Global Entrepreneurship
    CEO, The Shark Group

    The instant New York Times bestseller from Shark Tank star and Fubu Founder Daymond John on why starting a business on a limited budget can be an entrepreneur's greatest competitive advantage.

    Daymond John has been practicing the power of broke ever since he started selling his home-sewn t-shirts on the streets of Queens. With a $40 budget, Daymond had to strategize out-of-the-box ways to promote his products. Luckily, desperation breeds innovation, and so he hatched an idea for a creative campaign that eventually launched the FUBU brand into a $6 billion dollar global phenomenon. But it might not have happened if he hadn't started out broke - with nothing but hope and a ferocious drive to succeed by any means possible.

    Here, the FUBU founder and star of ABC's Shark Tank shows that, far from being a liability, broke can actually be your greatest competitive advantage as an entrepreneur. Why? Because starting a business from broke forces you to think more creatively. It forces you to use your resources more efficiently. It forces you to connect with your customers more authentically, and market your ideas more imaginatively. It forces you to be true to yourself, stay laser focused on your goals, and come up with those innovative solutions required to make a meaningful mark.

    Drawing his own experiences as an entrepreneur and branding consultant, peeks behind-the scenes from the set of Shark Tank, and stories of dozens of other entrepreneurs who have hustled their way to wealth, John shows how we can all leverage the power of broke to phenomenal success. You'll meet:

    - Steve Aoki, the electronic dance music (EDM) deejay who managed to parlay a series of $100 gigs into becoming a global superstar who has redefined the music industry 
    - Gigi Butler, a cleaning lady from Nashville who built cupcake empire on the back of a family recipe, her maxed out credit cards, and a heaping dose of faith 
    - 11-year old Shark Tank guest Mo Bridges who stitched together a winning clothing line with just his grandma's sewing machine, a stash of loose fabric, and his unique sartorial flair

    When your back is up against the wall, your bank account is empty, and creativity and passion are the only resources you can afford, success is your only option. Here you'll learn how to tap into that Power of Broke to scrape, hustle, and dream your way to the top.

    New York Times Bestseller

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    Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series) 5th Edition

    By Mike Rhodes, Perry Marshall, and Bryan Todd

    Covering the latest breaking news in Google AdWords, the fifth edition of this classic book introduces revised, expanded, and new chapters covering:

    • Enhanced Campaigns
    • Google AdWord’s Express
    • Google’s Product Listing Ads
    • An introduction to Google’s Universal Analytics
    • Nuances in Big Data advertising

    Updates specific to this edition include:

    • Powerful bidding strategies using remarketing lists for search ads
    • New ad extension features
    • Automation capabilities using AdWords scripts

    Bonus Online Content includes links to dozens of resources and tutorials covering: registering a domain name, setting up a website, selecting an email service, choosing a shopping cart service, finding products to sell, and starting up a Google AdWords account.

    You’ll get the latest information paired with current screenshots, fresh examples, and new techniques. Coached by AdWords experts Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes, and Bryan Todd, you’ll learn how to build an aggressive, streamlined AdWords campaign proven to increase your search engine visibility, consistently capture clicks, double your website traffic, and increase your sales.

    Whether a current advertiser or new to AdWords, you need this handbook.

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    13 Ways to Hack Facebook Ads: A Digital Marketer Hack Guide

    13 Ways to Hack Facebook Ads: A Digital Marketer Hack Guide

    By Ryan Deiss and Molly Pittman
    DigitalMarketer and

    13 Ways to Hack Facebook Ads: A Digital Marketer Hack Guide

    We spend $250,000 a month on Facebook advertising in order to establish best practices and report them to people like you. This isn’t an academic report. We give real data and actionable steps. In this book, we explain 13 best hacks that have made a life and death difference in our business.

    We stay on top of all the trends… and set a few along the way. 

    If you’re new to Facebook advertising, you’ve struck gold. You’ll learn what has taken us countless hours (and dollars) to test so that you can begin advertising the right way the first time.

    If you’re a grizzled Facebook advertising veteran with the scars to prove it, you’ll find it interesting to compare notes with us. 

    Facebook is evolving into a platform where people come for entertainment and news. They come to connect with family and friends. They come often.

    The rapid growth and robust options for Facebook advertising have made this a place you can utilize for best advertising options. Facebook is the easiest vehicle for building an email list and growing your business.

    This is a guide providing tips, tricks, and hacks for generating the most benefits out of Facebook advertising.

    We take the most beneficial Facebook features and break down how you can use them and why they’re necessary in making you unbeatable in your market.

    13 Ways to Hack Facebook Ads proves that Facebook advertising can be successful in any market—as long as you have the building blocks to increase engagement and reach your audience. We show you how.

    You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not utilizing the hacks we give you to make Facebook ads work for YOU.

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    Give: The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI

    By Nicholas Kusmich
    Director, Everyday Prosperity Inc.
    DBA H2H Media Group

    Most marketers concentrate on what they’re trying to get. The best marketers concentrate on what they have to give.
    The way people consume media is changing, fast. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones keep us constantly connected to the web. This represents a huge opportunity for savvy marketers. The only problem: the old methods are no longer working. New media demands new advertising.

    Facebook is the single most effective platform for marketing in the Internet era, and Nicholas Kusmich is the best Facebook marketer in the world. In GIVE, he will show you what differentiates Facebook from traditional advertising and explain why it’s so important to promote your business in a way that’s congruent with the norms of social media.
    He’ll take you through a four-step process to pinpoint your market, master your message, create a magnet, and build a mechanism that both collects and helps you retain and develop those relationships. When used well, Nic’s Facebook advertising strategies can send your return on investment through the roof.
    In GIVE, you’ll find the tools you need to share your authentic voice with the people who want to hear it and turn their attention into satisfying, meaningful sales.

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    Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade

    By Dr. Robert Cialdini
    Founder & CEO, Influence at Work


    An instant classic. Forbes
    Utterly fascinating. Adam Grant, author of Originals and Give and Take
    Shockingly insightful. Chip Heath, co-author of Switch and Made to Stick

    When it comes to persuasion, success can begin before you say a word.

    In his global bestseller Influence, Professor Robert Cialdini transformed the way we think about the craft of persuasion. Now he offers revelatory new insights into the art of winning people over: it isn’t just what we say or how we say it that counts, but also what goes on in the moments before we speak.

    This is the world of ‘pre-suasion’, where subtle turns of phrase, seemingly insignificant visual cues, and apparently unimportant details of location can prime people to say ‘yes’ even before they are asked. And as Cialdini reveals, it’s a world you can master. If you understand the tools of pre-suasion, you will better placed to win a debate, get support for an idea or cause, promote a campaign – even persuade yourself to do something you find difficult.

    Drawing on the latest research, and packed with fascinating case studies, Pre-Suasion is a masterclass in enhancing your powers of influence.

    ‘Mind-blowing.’ Management Today
    ‘Accessible and intellectually rigorous.’ Books of the Year, The Times
    ‘Fascinating, fluent and original.’ Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist Strikes 

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    ASK: The Counterintuitive Online Formula to Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy Ask

    By Ryan Levesque
    CEO, ASK Method Company

    "What Ryan Levesque has done is give you the art and the science behind figuring out EXACTLY what your prospects want... and then delivering it via an incredibly effective sales process. Buy this book and put the formula to work in your business - the results speak for themselves." 
    - Jeff Walker, #1 NY Times bestselling author of "Launch"

    "I am going to put the brilliant advice Ryan presents in Askto work immediately. This is the most innovative, practical and useful business book I have read in years."
    - Reid Tracy, CEO Hay House, Inc.

    "Before you finish the first third of the book, you'll be eager to jump ahead and implement his process immediately - it's that powerful!" 
    - Annie Hyman Pratt, former CEO of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and CEO of IMPAQ Entrepreneur Business Execution Systems

    "Ask may be the most important book written for anyone who sells products or services directly to consumers since Breakthrough Advertising was published in 1966. Ryan Levesque will go down in history as the marketer who used his background to change the way products and services are sold online." 
    - Brian Kurtz, Business Builder of Boardroom, Inc. and Serial Direct Marketer


    Do you know how to find out what people really want to buy?
    (Not what you think they want, not what they say they want, but what they really want?)

    The secret is asking the right questions - and the right questions are not what you might expect.

    Ask is based on the compelling premise that you should NEVER have to guess what your prospects and customers are thinking. The Ask Formula revealed in this book has been used to help build multi-million dollar businesses in 23 different industries, generating over $100 million dollars in sales in the process.

    You ‘ll discover why the Ask Formula is arguably THE most powerful way to discover EXACTLY what people want to buy and how to give it to them - and in a way that makes people fall in love with you and your company.

    In this tell-all book, expert online marketer Ryan Levesque (featured in CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Miami HeraldThe San Francisco ChronicleMass Market RetailerBloomberg Businessweek and more) turns everything you know about customer surveys on its head.

    You ‘ll discover how Ryan Levesque developed his proven system for creating survey-based, customized sales funnels. And you ‘ll also learn how YOU can implement the same system in your own business - no matter your market. The Ask Formula blueprint is laid out in clear and detailed steps for anyone to use and adapt.

    Whether you ‘re an aspiring Internet entrepreneur, advanced online marketer, or established business owner, this book will both inspire you and show you how to skyrocket your online income - while creating a mass of raving fans in the process - simply by asking the right questions in a surprisingly different way. For people looking to scale up their business, Askwill utterly transform how you think about consumer behavior and selling online.

    For example, you ‘ll learn:

    • How to increase your income by 36% by asking potential customers this slightly unusual 4 word question.
    • Why most businesses are doing surveys all wrong (and the one question you should NEVER be asking your prospects)
    • And much, much more…

    Discover for yourself why leading marketers all use and recommend the Ask formula.

    "Investigation based sales is the most profitable type of selling. Ryan Levesque explains how to utilize this powerful technique beautifully in his book ASK." 
    - James Schramko,


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